Downtown (2019)


Laundry Day (2018)


The Point (2018)


I Used To Have a Pink Cadillac (2019)


Tiny House (2018)


dominoescanvasDominoes (2001)

  IMG_4157    I’ve been painting for 50 years. One of my first (a small watercolor rendering of Folly Cove, MA) hangs in Mom’s basement. She’s always been a fan.

IMG_4168  customshouseCruz Bay Customs House Backtime (2005)


beggar-revBeggar (2009)


pastoryPastory (2009)


photoFishinin’ (2003)


moravianMoravian Church (2008)


John:KimJohn and Kim (2014)


IMG_3669Russ-en-Urbe (2014)


A collection of Djumbies (2006)